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If you have performed a search for execution with the number of procedure notes that the number relating to the year can be entered both with four digits and only with the last two, e.g. 1234/05 or 1234/2005 to indicate the procedure nr.1234 of the year 2005.

If you have performed a failure search that is usually expressed with the reference "Fall."followed by a space and a serial number, a separation bar and the year expressed only with the last two digits or extended.Eg Fall.1234/05 or Fall.1234/2005 to indicate failure nr.1234 of the year 2005.

The sales date must be expressed in the GG/MM/AAAA format.Eg 13/06/2008 for June 13, 2008.

However, if you are convinced that an announcement that you have not found should instead be present, please send us a communication to Thanks.